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:: Font String Literal + Variable

Designer Name: Vid the Kid
License: Free for Personal Use

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STRING LITERAL by David P. Kovalchik a.k.a. Vid the Kid
Version 0.60

Copyright 2005 where applicable. THIS FONT IS FREEWARE. You may redistribute these fonts by any means as long as it is offered free of charge and not modified. Any modified versions of these fonts must contain "based on String Literal 2005 David P. Kovalchik" in the copyright field and have a different name, and if redistributed, must be offered free of charge. I am putting a lot of work into this, and if I'm not going to profit from it, then nobody should.

1. String Literal (StrLit.ttf) - A modern, mono-spaced sans font designed so commonly-confused characters (such as I, l, and 1) appear distinct. Contains Windows ANSI codepage 1252 character set, as well as DOS ASCII codepage 437 characters in their modern Unicode codepoints. (In Unicode-aware text editors, import cp437 text using the appropriate import filter, and all characters will appear correct in the String Literal font.) May also be useful for computer code. At 9 points, 80 columns by 43 rows fit nicely in 7.5" by 10" space. At 12 points, 80 columns by 25 rows fit nicely in 10" by 7.5" space.

2. String Variable (StrVar.ttf) - A proportional, general-use version of String Literal. Still useful for computer code if having a mono-spaced font isn't necessary.

3. String Literal 437 (Str437.ttf) - The same as String Literal, except the cp437 (DOS ASCII) characters are mapped to their original positions. Useful for viewing cp437 text in non-Unicode-aware applications such as Windows Notepad.

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