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:: Font Metroid Prime Hunters

Designer Name: AirHead3.0
License: Free for Personal Use

:: Font Description

Metroid Prime: Hunters Font

By: AirHead3.0

Metroid Prime Hunters.ttf

Metroid Prime Hunters.fon




For those who don't know about the game, this is a game

for Nintendo DS, called Metroid Prime: Hunters, and I

liked the font they used in-game. I thought it would

look good on signatures, so I've created this just for

that purpose. It's similar to the font 'Visitor' by

Brian Kent, or 04b_21, both of which can be found on So, it can be used in place

of these fonts.

NOTE: I made this font with my Nintendo DS and a

magnifying glass. It was pretty annoying.




I've distributed this font with two versions. One with an

extention of .ttf, and one with .fon.


% Filename % Font Name %


% Metroid Prime Hunters.ttf % Metroid Prime: Hunters TTF %


% Metroid Prime Hunters.fon % Metroid Prime: Hunters %


The .fon will be

viewed fine using any program with any size, because it

automatically keeps the font's proportions correctly

aligned. On the other hand, the .ttf one looks strange

at different sizes, so follow these instructions when

using it:

I've found that different programs will view the font

differently at different sizes. In paint, the font looks

best with the size in multiples of 8. In photoshop, on

the other hand, the font seems best in sizes that are

multiples of 10. It may take experimentation to get it

right, but once you have it, it looks pretty good. If

you don't want to be restricted to these sizes, simply

draw it with that size first, and then scale it in a

graphics program.

The only reason I kept the .ttf version in is because some

programs (such as Macromedia Flash) do not support .fon

bitmap fonts. In that case, use the ttf one instead.

Just for your reference, here's a chart showing how large

the characters should be (these are average...):


% Character Type % Height (pixels) %


%Digits % 7 %


%Uppercase Letters % 6 %


%Lowercase Letters % 5 %





On windows, simply copy the font file(s) into your font

directory (Should be C:\Windows\Fonts or C:\WinNT\Fonts)

and you can use this font in all of your programs.




In my last version of this font, I forgot to give any

contact information. Please, feel free to email me

any comments, suggestions, or constructive critisism.

Please do not flame me, or send one-line emails that

are near impossible to read. I'm not sure how many

emails I will expect from this, but I will try to

reply to as many as I can. Just make sure to put

MPH Font in the topic, or something of the like,

because it may be accidentally deleted. And please,

no spam. I already get enough crap about some long-

lost second cousin twice removed dying and leaving

me a multi-million dollar mansion...

AirHead on

AirHead3.0 on various forums.

AirHead30 when a ****ing site won't let me put '.'s in

my name, and some n00b took AirHead...


Now for the boring stuff you don't really have to read...

(Except the disclaimer, which is important if you want to

stay law-worthy...)




Nintendo: For making such an awesome game and system (NDS

owns PSP). Best Nintendo Wi-fi meeting forum site around.

It's Members: For their comments and support.

Whoever Created Forums and Signatures: The very reason I

made this font.

(It's good for

userbars, too) For letting me have a place to share my font

with over/around 5000 downloads! (Is that good?)




July 23rd, 2006

-Finally finished the first version of the font, in .ttf


July 29th, 2006

-Converted font to .fon bitmap format. Changed the spacing

in both font formats to two pixels instead of six.

-Changed font name of .ttf version to:

Metroid Prime: Hunters TTF, and changed the .fon to:

Metroid Prime: Hunters.

NOTE: I've changed the name of the .ttf font. If you've

updated from the first version, make note that the

old font name has been replaced, and will look

different now. If you prefer the old style, change

the font to: Metroid Prime: Hunters TTF. Sorry for

any inconvienience.




Basically, I created this font file, but Nintendo

(Software Technologies) created the game, and originally

the font, in essence, at least. I don't care how you use

this font, I give it as Freeware, meaning you can use it

as long as you don't try to sell it. If you want to

distribute this font, as long as you don't directly make

money off it (sell it), go ahead. All I ask is that you

keep this file with it.

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