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:: Font Topaz New

Designer Name: Alan Tinsley
License: Free for Personal Use

:: Font Description


The archive should contain these files

TOPAZNEW.TTF (the font itself)
README.TXT (this file)

Once unarchived, simply move the file TOPAZNEW.TTF to your
WINDOWS/FONTS directory and that's it! You should have the
Topaz New font available to you in your applications. (If
not, then you may need to re-start Windows or re-start the


This font, 'Topaz New', is designed to be used at 12 points.
At this size, on a 640x480 PC screen it is very similar to the
Amiga Topaz font at size 8 on a 640x256 Amiga screen.

It is designed to be used under Windows 3.1 or higher, and
has Adobe Standard encoding.

This version contains the ASCII characters 32-127 inclusive.
All other printing characters are represented by a '!'.

It is a monospaced font. That is, all the characters have the
same width. I created this font mainly for use in viewing /
creating ASCII art and as such I think it gives the best results
(Well I would ;) It also makes your PC look a bit more AMIGA-like!


I take no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind incurred
by the use of this software. This software is provided 'AS IS'
and all risks are assumed by you, the user.


This software may be freely copied and used for an unlimited
time by home users and non-profit making organisations provided
that it is for non-commercial use only.

This software is provided as FREEWARE and cannot be sold.
This restriction does not apply to connect time charges, or
flat rate connection/download fees for electronic bulletin
board services.

This software can only be distributed as a single archive with
all files intact and unaltered.

This software can not be bundled with any commercial package,
distributed accompanying books or magazines or included as part
of a collection (including on-line collections) without express
permission from the author.


If you want to contact me for any reason (suggestions,
encouragement, job offers, generous donations, etc.) then
please feel free :

e-mail : [email protected]
www :

Most of all, ENJOY THIS FONT!
Alan Tinsley.

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