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RUNE_A1.TTF 15 KB Font File download
RUNE_D2.TTF 18 KB Font File download
RUNE_D1.TTF 16 KB Font File download
RUNE_A2.TTF 17 KB Font File download
RUNE_G2.TTF 14 KB Font File download
READ_ME.TXT 8 KB Text File  
RUNES.HLP 50 KB unknown  
RUNE_G.TTF 11 KB Font File download
RUNE_G1.TTF 13 KB Font File download
RUNE_D.TTF 13 KB Font File download
RUNE_A.TTF 12 KB Font File download

:: Font Germanic + Dwarf + AngloSaxon

Designer Name: Daniel Steven Smith
License: Free for Personal Use

:: Font Description

This README file is to accompany the following file: Rune font pack for Windows w/help & MS-Word utils

What is this:
"AngloSaxon Runes", "Germanic Runes" and "Dwarf Runes" are MS-Windows 3.1
compatible Truetype (and ATM) fonts. They can be used to write Runic
inscriptions with MS-Windows applications. There are three MS-WORD 6.0
macros that greatly simplify using the Fonts. Also included is a Windows Help
file detailing the history, usage and keyboard mapping of all characters in the

These fonts can not be sold for a profit. (Although, if you really enjoy using
these fonts and need to find some financial way of showing your appreciation.
Any and all donations will be gladly accepted.) CD-ROM and Shareware
distributors are requested to notify me before distributing these fonts.

These fonts may be used in any publication. Please contact me if these fonts
do appear in a publication. I'd like to receive a copy of it, and I may be able
to provide further assistance by creating custom fonts or clip art for you.

These fonts are Postcard-ware. If you like these fonts, please send me a
postcard or letter (using an attractive or interesting stamp). If you supply me
with your email address, I'll try to write back. You can get my current postal
address by visiting my WWW home page, listed below. If you do write, please
tell me of your Runic writing interests. And feel free to offer any
constructive suggestions for improving the fonts and the accompanying

This document is my best attempt at explaining basic Rune usage. It does not
describe all of the complexities of Rune usage, nor will it explain any details
of the Old Germanic or Anglo-Saxon languages. This document is not official or
authorized by anyone. If you discover any errors, inaccuracies, or problems
with these fonts, or this document, I encourage you to contact me. My current
postal address is listed on my WWW home page, or you can email me.

copyright - 1997 - Daniel Steven Smith
email: [email protected]

What do these files do:
The files included in this ZIP file are:

RUNE_A.TTF ....... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "AngloSaxon Runes".
RUNE_A1.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "AngloSaxon Runes-1".
RUNE_A2.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "AngloSaxon Runes-2".

RUNE_D.TTF ....... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Dwarf Runes".
RUNE_D1.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Dwarf Runes-1".
RUNE_D2.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Dwarf Runes-2".

RUNE_G.TTF ....... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Germanic Runes".
RUNE_G1.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Germanic Runes-1".
RUNE_G2.TTF ...... The MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype Font "Germanic Runes-2".

ATMFONTS.ZIP ..... The MS-Windows-3.1 compatible Adobe Type Manager (ATM)
version of the fonts listed above.

RUNES.HLP ........ The MS-Help file with detailed information about the basics of
the Runes, how to use the Runic fonts, with examples.

RUNES.DOT ........ The MS-Word 6.0 document template containing the Tengwar
macros and toolbar.

READ-ME.TXT ...... This file.

How to install a MS-Windows-3.1 Truetype font:
If you don't know how to install new Truetype fonts, follow the directions
below (Since you are reading this file, I will assume that you have already
"PKUNZIP'ed" the ZIP file onto a temp directory on your hard disk.):
- Start MS-Windows-3.1.
- Go to the MAIN folder and select CONTROL PANEL.
- Select FONTS.
- Select ADD.
- In this dialog box, go to the section marked 'Drives' and use the
scroll buttons to click on the drive (C:, D:, or whatever) you
have the unzipped files to.
- Use the section marked 'Directories' to the left of 'Drives' to
select the directory the unzipped files are in.
- The font names will appear in the section marked 'List of Fonts'.
- Click on the font you want to install (using the mouse).
- Click on 'OK'.
This should install the font so that your Windows applications can use it.
Don't forget to check the RUNES.HLP file included in the ZIP file. It will
explain the key-mapping and show an example of font usage.

These fonts should be compatable with Windows95 and OS/2. But since I don't
have either of these PC operating systems, I can't explain how to properly
install them.

How to install a MS-Word 6.0 macros, toolbars and help file:
To install the macros and toolbars:
- Please read the notice about Microsoft Word 6.0 - WordBasic Macro viruses
that I've included at the bottom of this file.
- Start MS-Windows-3.1.
- Start Microsoft Word 6.0.
- From Microsoft Word 6.0 "File" drop-down menu, open the
"RUNES.DOT" file.
(A dialog box will appear and ask you for permission to continue
with the installation.)
- Click on the "Yes" pushbutton (using the mouse).
The toolbar and macros will now become part of your normal Word set-up.

How to un-install the MS-Word 6.0 macros, toolbars and help file:
To un-install the macros and toolbars:
- Start MS-Windows-3.1.
- Start Microsoft Word 6.0.
- From Microsoft Word 6.0 "File" drop-down menu, open the
"RUNES.DOT" file.
(A dialog box will appear and ask you for permission to un-install or
re-install the macros bars.)
- Using the mouse, click on the "Un-install" pushbutton.
The toolbar and macros will no longer be part of your normal Word set-up.

The "RUNES.DOT" file contains an "AutoOpen" WordBasic macro which starts running
as soon as the file is opened by Microsoft Word. Microsoft has found that some
Hackers have been able to insert destructive commands into "AutoOpen" WordBasic
macros. Microsoft has responded by making freely available to all Word users a
WordBasic Virus detection kit. (This can be downloaded from ""
or via "MSN".) Microsoft's WordBasic anti-virus works by informing you every
time you open a Word document or template file that contains an "AutoOpen"
macro. If you have installed Microsoft's WordBasic anti-virus detector and you
attempt to open my "RUNES.DOT" file, the WordBasic anti-virus detector will
identify my "AutoOpen" macro and offer you the choice to stop it before it
starts running.

My Rune WordBasic macros have been tested and have run without problems on
several different PCs running Microsoft Word 6.0 in Microsoft Windows 3.1 and
3.11. I have been informed that they also work well with Microsoft Word 7.0 and
with Microsoft Windows 95. None of the WordBasic macros contains commands or
instructions that could in any way harm or damage your PC. But just to be safe
and legal I need to state that:

By installing these Rune Fonts and associated WordBasic macros on
their PCs, the user assumes all responsibility for their use or misuse.
Daniel S. Smith can not be held responsible for any damages caused by
using these Fonts or WordBasic macros.

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